Cows and Roses Slept

Cows and Roses Slept

Cows and Roses Slept

Original title: Bueyes y rosas dormían
Author: Cristina Sánchez-Andrade

Pueblo, with its red wind and its closed sea, the convent of the novices, the fern wood and the white whale stranded on the beach, is a place where cats are blind, onion grow sweet and happiness goes by as cows may stumble in the street. A gallery of evocative characters inhabits this special and unusual town, revealing us the real exploit of living every-day life. All of them, despite their eccentric varieties, have something in common: the innermost loneliness and also their illusions.

Original language

SPANISH | Siruela

Translation rights

PORTUGUESE (Portugal) | Oficina do Livro

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