Original Title: Gala-Dalí
Author: Carmen Domingo

As Gala rests in the main bedroom in the castle in Púbol, on the verge of dying, she reflects on her life. The life of someone who became the muse of the most important surrealist artists of the 1930s, Paul Éluard and Salvador Dalí; and the life of a woman who ended up becoming, in her own right, one of the most important female figures of the 20th century. For once, Gala is indisuptably the protagonist of the story.

With lyrical prose and dynamic dialogues, Carmen Domingo shines a spotlight on one of the least recognized women of 20th century art history, and turns Gala’s life, Gala’s personality, Gala’s mind, into a novel. We discover a woman obsessed with money and with fulfilling her own dreams. Gala is revealed as an isolated woman who created her own image to escape the reality she was born into. Gala is not only a woman. Gala is not only a muse. Gala is, at last, a novel.

Original language

SPANISH (World) | Espasa
SPANISH (Audio) | Storytel

Translation rights

CROATIAN | Iris Illyrica
CZECH | Metafora
FRENCH | Presses de la Cité
MACEDONIAN | Antolog Books
POLISH | Swiat Ksiazki
ROMANIAN | Editura Humanitas
SERBIAN | Laguna

«Incredible, great, unique, perfect, beautiful, moving… » La estantería olvidada

«Domingo offers a precise and psychologically profound and fascinating portrait of Elena Ivanovna Diakonova, also known as Gala, mother on duty, nurse, and above all, reckless merchant of the unstable genius Salvador Dalí.» EFE

«Gala-Dalí is a novel that doesn’t fall on any topics, and that digs deep into the canny and controlling character of Dalí’s muse.» El Punt Avui

«Salvador Dalí depended so much on Gala, that he used both names to sign his paintings. ‘By signing my work as Gala-Dalí I am only telling an existential truth, as I wouldn’t exitst withouth my soulmate Gala’» Libertad digital

«The love between Gala and Dalí was endless. Espasa has just published a novel by Carmen Domingo which is a great portrait of Gala.» El Boomeran

«She was always a mystery. And she saw life through intuitions and premonitions. Everything esoteric was her passion, especially tarot, which she consulted daily. Writer and journalist Carmen Domingo reflects all this in a novel that also goes deep into her agitated sentimental life, and into the less known of the personality of this Russian woman who fascinated Paul Éluard and Salvador Dalí —among many others. (…) «The novel by Carmen Domingo, that goes from her relationship with Dalí until her own death, brings into light her obsession for fortune-telling cards, which she consulted daily.» La Razón


«I have to confess that I read the book in one sitting. Carmen Domingo manages to perfectly put together all the events in Gala’s long life so the reader is never tired of what’s going on. We stay with Gala since from her early days until her death: 87 years in just 350 pages. But just like getting on a plane or on a high-speed train, you just enjoy the ride! It’s extraordinary how the author has managed to get on the page the character of such a control-freak woman, decisive, and self-confident. Carmen Domingo also takes us through the French bohemian years, the surrealism, the beaches of Cataqués and Europe during WW2 —always with Gala at the centre. Gala owned her own life, and always knew with whom to be with at every single moment, and how to make the men she was with be successful —so that she could be successful too. Always obsessed with money and with her own body and the men she wanted to be with, Gala is the striking proof of the woman figure in a period when women were only devoted to house work and to accept the affairs of their husbands. Gala could not be further from that kind of woman, just like the art of those years.» Libros y Literatura

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