The SystM

The SystM



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The SystM

Author: Carl Nixon

In the beautiful, high-tech city of nu fran 17 year old jordN crUsO has everything she could ever want. Born into wealth and power, she is among the top 1 per cent of citizens. Her family own glax corp, the major producer of food for the 5 citEs that make up the confederation. One day jordN will inherit it all. So why is she so dissatisfied with her life? Buying new things with your friends at the vast malls, staying on trend, meeting your consumption quota, watching the latest shows on the link, updating your me pAg, what else is there for a teenager to care about? And who has started sending jordN messages suggesting that there is more to the world beyond the 5 citEs than everyone has been led to believe?

This is a young adult science fiction novel written in an intriguing futuristic language that immediately absorbs the reader into its world of screens and consumerism. While young adult readers will love the strong-willed heroine and her intense journey to empathy and awareness, the SystM surely crosses over to adult readers. Comparisons come to mind such as The Matrix, Divergent and The Truman Show and yet the messages about inequality, over-consumption and climate change feel more eye-opening and relevant than in any other novels or films.

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