Good for Nothing

Good for Nothing


Good for Nothing

Author: Brandon S. Graham

Good For Nothing follows the episodic escapades of Flip Mellis, an unemployed, newly obese and suicidal family man, who is reaching the apex of a middle-age tantrum. Exacerbated by plentiful personal flaws, including a self-fulfilling fatalism, and coinciding with a national economic crisis, Flip’s good intentions are tainted by his poor life skills and questionable rationalizations. The result of which is a darkly humorous social satire that explores men’s attitudes toward work, love, family, women, sex, and consumer culture. Tone, approachable language, pace, and absurd juxtapositions drive the story. Below the surface, an earnest exploration of the American male, his strengths and shortcomings, his inflated self-concept and his ignorant, self-hating abusiveness gives weight to the playfully circuitous and subversive story arc. The question is: are Flip’s best efforts enough to lead him to personal redemption and grace or will they merely lead to a futile, purely graceless and quixotic death spasm.

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Michael Walker

«Brandon Graham is a painfully observant, no-holds-barred American writer.» Audrey Niffenegger, author of The Time Traveller’s Wife

«Enchanted by Good For Nothing: overlooked.» Stephen Fry

«This book could be the lovechild of Bill Bryson and Martin Amis…But at its heart is a very serious point. It is about the tsunami of destruction that has hit Middle America since the financial crisis.» Daily Mail

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