The Wild Part

Original Title: La part salvatge

Publication: 2022

Author: Ferran Guallar

Paul Murray is an anthropologist who specializes in evolution and primates. He is slowly going through a quiet personal decline at a small African site, a paradise for naturalists. Paul has lived through a passed filled with violence, and now, fifteen years later, he has moved on and even seems to have found love again.

Without realizing it, his field notes on a chimpanzee that has been recently dethroned as alpha male, uncannily mirror his present moment in life. However, he does not see or does not want to see, in these notes, his new circumstances or the abnormal dynamics that are slowly suffocating him.

An unexpected event forces him to make a drastic decision to avoid losing everything he has fought to protect: the forest, the chimpanzees and the future of the inhabitants of the little paradise where humans’ underlying irrationality becomes the new normal.

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CATALAN |  Empúries

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