The Last Way Out / Kill The Next One

Original Title: La última salida

Author: Private: Federico Axat

Ted McKay had it all: a beautiful wife, two daughters, a high-paying job. But after being diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor he finds himself with a gun to his temple, ready to pull the trigger. Then the doorbell rings.

A stranger makes him a proposition: why not kill two deserving men before dying? The first target is a criminal, and the second is a man with terminal cancer who, like Ted, wants to die. After executing these kills, Ted will become someone else’s next target, like a kind of suicidal daisy chain. Ted understands the stranger’s logic: it’s easier for a victim’s family to deal with a murder than with a suicide.

However, as Ted commits the murders, the crime scenes strike him as odd. The targets know him by name and possess familiar mementos. Even more bizarrely, Ted recognizes locations and men he shouldn’t know. As Ted’s mind begins to crack, dark secrets from his past seep through the fissures.

An audacious and utterly gripping psychological thriller where nothing is what it seems.

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Original Language

SPANISH (excl. US) | Ed. Destino/Planeta
SPANISH (Audio) | Storytel

Translation Rights

CATALAN | Columna/Grup 62
CHINESE (Complex) | Azoth Books
CHINESE (Simplified) | Shanghai Translation
CZECH | Albatros
DANISH | DreamLitt ApS
DUTCH | HarperCollins Holland
ENGLISH (North America) | Mulholland Books
ENGLISH (UK & Comm excl. Canada) | Text Publishing
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GERMAN | Atrium Verlag
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ITALIAN | Longanesi
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LITHUANIAN | Alma Littera
MACEDONIAN | Matika Makedonska Publishing
NORWEGIAN | Cappelen Damm
POLISH | Swiat Ksiazki
PORTUGUESE (Brazil) | Verus Editora/Grupo Récord
PORTUGUESE (Portugal) | Presença
ROMANIAN | Editura Trei
RUSSIAN | Sindbad
SERBIAN | Laguna
SWEDISH | Massolit
TURKISH | Domingo
VIETNAMESE | Tre Publishing


«[A] mind-bending psychological thriller…Truth, illusion, and downright deceit keep crossing invisible lines in this hallucinatory plot…[Axat] expands on these mystifying events in imaginative ways…. Federico Axat is the kind of hypnotic writer you love to read but can never quite entirely trust.» The New York Times

«Incredibly effective. (…) He can definitely become a successor of Stephen King. (…) You cannot stop reading… it leaves you speechless, breathless.» Sang Froid Magazine

«Federico Axat, disciple of Stephen King, renews the psychological suspense with La última salida. (…) This novel is a great shot, a very delicate game between truth, illusion, madness and pain. (…) Yes, La última salida smells of success.» Lilian Neuman, Cultura|s, literary supplement of La Vanguardia

 «The perfect thriller» Pilar Martín, EFE

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