The Great Escape

Original Title: La fuga

Author: Private: Carmen Domingo

Andrea returns home after some years abroad. She didn’t think she would go back, she is happy living between studies and badly paid jobs from one country to another. But a reason of force mayor makes her change the course of life: her grandfather, with whom she spent her childhood, is very ill and she wants to spend his lasts months with him. Just after her return her grandfather is sent to emergency and Andrea discovers a secret hidden by her grandfather in a shoe box: her grandfather was present at the greatest escape from a prison ever made in European history.

On May 22nd, 1938, in the middle of the Spanish Civil War, 795 prisoners escaped from the Prison of San Cristobal in Pamplona, with the intention to get to France. That day, the almost 2500 prisoners found the gates open for escape, even to reach freedom, but the majority didn’t dare to try their luck. Only three got away from the grips of the fascists.

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SPANISH | Ediciones B

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