The Baby Void

Original Title: Eisprong

Author: Judith Uyterlinde

A story of love and of longing for a child:

"I'm a woman in the prime of life. I want everything: passionate love, close friendships, challenging work, exotic travel - and a child. That's less simple than I imagine. To start with, I can't get pregnant. Then my pregnancies don't make it to term. I stand on my head and when that doesn't help, I try IVF. All the bellies around me swell immensely. Should I accept my failure? Should I persevere? My failed attempts start taking over my life. Everything seems to slip through my fingers - until a dramatic event breaks the downward spiral".

This is the frank account of one woman's desire for a child, mixed up with her desire for living intensely. It is also a story of love, ambition, and the choices made by a modern woman in her thirties. The author exposes the inner struggle of a woman who likes to win but who's faced with losing. She is driven by anger and longing, doubt and determination, envy and love, as she pushes her way through a thick bog of emotions in pursuit of a child. She describes her mixed feelings in a direct and down-to-earth manner, using unusual and moving images. For more information:

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DUTCH | Schilt

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