Land of Women

An intimate and familiar portrait of the rural community

Original Title: Tierra de mujeres. Una mirada íntima y familiar al mundo rural

Author: Private: María Sánchez

María Sánchez is obsessed with what she cannot see. As a field veterinarian following in the footsteps of generations before her, she travels the countryside of Spain bearing witness to a life eroding before her eyes—words, practices, and people slipping away because of depopulation, exploitation of natural resources, inadequate environmental policies, and development encroaching on farmland and villages. Sánchez, the first woman in her family to dedicate herself to what has traditionally been a male-dominated profession, rebuffs the bucolic narrative of rural life often written by—and for consumption by—people in cities, describing the multilayered social complexity of people who are proud, resilient, and often misunderstood.

Sánchez interweaves family stories of three generations with reflections on science and literature. She focuses especially on the often dismissed and undervalued generations of women who have forgone education and independence to work the land and tend to family. In doing so, she asks difficult questions about gender equity and labor. Part memoir and part rural feminist manifesto, Land of Women acknowledges the sacrifices of Sánchez’s female ancestors who enabled her to become the woman she is.

A bestseller, Land of Women promises to ignite conversations about the treatment and perception of rural communities everywhere.

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Original Language

SPANISH (World) | Seix Barral / Planeta

Translation Rights

ENGLISH (World) | Trinity University Press
FRENCH | Rivages
GERMAN | Blessing Verlag


«Land of Women may be a small book, but it is mighty. It gives a voice to rural women and speaks truths long hidden. But the power of these women has not diminished by being out of the spotlight. Far from it.» Olive Fellows, CSMonitor

«Sánchez’s ferocity echoes Ferrante» Nina Perrotta, Asymptote

 «A book that is an expression of intimate and familiar memory, and, for that reason, endowed with a great poetic strength.» Jesús Morillo, ABC de Sevilla

«Land of Women is an essential essay that focuses on a compelling topic: the need to expand feminist discourse so that it does not only affect women in big cities, but also those existing in rural areas. For this alone, it deserves to be read by everyone. After all, there’s still soil under the concrete.» Álvaro Colomer, La Vanguardia

"María Sánchez has written a vital, riveting and rich memoir-manifesto honoring women who live in rural areas, work the land and care for the earth, the animals and the resources." Ms. Magazine

«With this book, María Sánchez becomes essential.» Nadal Suau, El Cultural

«Land of Women is both memory and vindication. It is memory and observation (...) It is a beautiful tribute to that genealogy of women who came before her, women with hands that moulded the earth, who were part the earth.» Eva Cosculluella, El Heraldo de Aragón

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