Land of Women

An intimate and familiar portrait of the rural community

Original Title: Tierra de mujeres. Una mirada íntima y familiar al mundo rural

Author: María Sánchez

Daughter and granddaughter of veterinarians, and the last in several generations linked to the land and animals, María Sánchez (Córdoba, 1989) is the first woman in her family to dedicate herself to this male-dominated profession. Her day-to-day life as a field veterinarian involves traveling through Spain in a van and dodging gazes in the predominantly masculine environment of the rural world. In this very personal essay, the writer aims to give a voice and space to all the women silenced for generations in the Spanish fields, to all those who had to forgo education and independence to work the land with their hands and take care of their families.

Interweaving family stories with reflections on science and literature, and some of the conflicts that plague the countryside (depopulation and the erasure of entire villages, exploitation of natural resources, inadequate environmental policies and poor working conditions), Land of Women arrives to fill a gap in the debate on feminism and rural literature. It also seeks to offer a realistic vision of country life, away from the bucolic postcards created in the big cities, and to underline the danger of losing knowledge passed down through generations.

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