Publication: 2022

Author: Private: Cristina Sánchez-Andrade

The silenced voices of housemaids. A book that offers direct testimonies of a daily but unknown reality.

Fámulas is used in Spanish as a synonym for servants or housemaids. The author discovers The Maids by Jean Genet at a theater in Madrid and she is fascinated by this work about the crimes of the Papin sisters, who murdered their employer's wife and daughter. This work leads the author to summon her grandmother’s maid, who was an inspiration for one of the characters in one of her novels, and to think about the abuse that so many domestic helpers still endure today. She decides to gather the testimonies- straight, honest, heart-wrenching-of four women from Honduras, Portugal and Cape Verde who came to Spain to work, out of financial necessity. She gives voice to those who have lost theirs.

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Original Language

SPANISH | Anagrama

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