Original Title: Benjamin

Author: Private: Federico Axat

Ben is nine years old; he is furious with her mother and fantasizes with the idea of leaving home. Overwhelmed, he sneaks into the darkness of the attic, a forbidden and unexplored place that has fallen into disuse years ago. After an exhaustive search in the vast woods that surround the city, he is officially considered a lost child. But the mystery of his disappearance is far from resolved, especially when enigmatic messages begin to appear in the house.

As the days go by, his family begins to accept the inevitable: Ben is dead. However, he is there, above their heads. Through tiny holes he is able to spy on them, listen to their intimate conversations, discover their darkest secrets and find out terrible events from the past that should never come to light.

What do your loved-ones do when they're alone?

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Original Language

SPANISH | Suma de Letras (Penguin Random House)

Translation Rights

ITALIAN | Sperling & Kupfer

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