Back to her

Original Title: Tillbaka till henne

Steel-framed spectacles. A pair of shoes. A wooden ruler. A silver brooch. By some coincidence, or more accurately by accident, these four objects come to be in Hanna's possession. She is disillusioned with her life, trying her hardest to cope with the stresses and strains of dead-end work at the job centre, an irritating boyfriend and a mother who has no greater joy than pointing out her own daughter's shortcomings. It is not long before the items are lost under Hanna's sofa. But rather than forget about them, Hanna finds they stay in her consciousness, endlessly burying deeper and deeper into her thoughts. What can they mean?

In the year of 1906, schoolteacher Signe angrily walks through the small Swedish village of Tierp. A letter from Stockholm has confirmed what she already knew: the modern notion of democracy is not inclusive at all. A rare German automobile passes and heads straight for the village square. When the inspiring speaker and suffragist Brita steps out, Signe's life takes an unexpected turn. A passionate struggle for the right to vote - and a complicated love story - begins.

BACK TO HER is an inviting story about Signe, Hanna and words one hundred years old. When history catches up with the present, nothing can remain the same.

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