As a Friend

Author: Forrest Gander

In his gem-like first novel, Forrest Gander writes of friendship, envy, and eros as a harmonic of charged overtones. Set in a rural southern landscape as vivid as its indelible characters,As a Friend tells the story of Les, a gifted man and land surveyor, whose impact on those around him (his girlfriend Sarah, his friend Clay) provokes intense self-examination and an atmosphere of dangerous eroticism. With poetic insight, Gander explores the nature of attraction, betrayal and loyalty. What he achieves is brilliant in style and powerfully unsettling.

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Original Language

ENGLISH (North America) | New Directions

Translation Rights

FRENCH | Sabine Wespieser Editeur
GERMAN | Luxbooks
SPANISH | Sexto Piso
TURKISH | Yapi Kredi

Film Rights

Film rights sold to Point First

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