Original Title: Amnesia

Author: Private: Federico Axat

What would you do if you woke up to discover a dead body on your living room floor and you couldn’t remember anything from the past few hours?

I woke up in a haze of confusion, the one I was used to from when I would get smashed and the hangover would catch up with me in every other spot except my own bed. This time I was in the living room of my own house. I opened my eyes and the dead body of a young, completely unfamiliar woman, was right beside me.

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Original Language

SPANISH | Destino/Planeta

Translation Rights

CATALAN | Columna
DANISH | DreamLitt
FRENCH | Calmann-Lévy
GERMAN | btb Verlag (Random House)
GREEK | Metaixmio
ITALIAN | Longanesi
LATVIAN | Zvaigzne ABC
POLISH | Proszynski Media
RUSSIAN | Sindbad

Film Rights

TV RIGHTS SOLD. All other audiovisual rights available.

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