Publication: 2021

Author: John J. Healey

Amalia centres around the life of James Joyce and, more specifically, the years he spent in Trieste before the First World War, during which he wrote Giacomo Joyce, a short work describing his infatuation with one of his pupils. If James Joyce is the catalyst and the heart of this novel, the main characters are all women – whether they be women he knew directly, or linked to him through his work, women in different countries and of different generations. Caitlin, Ariane, Amalia, Nora and Kit are all thus linked to Joyce and to each other, through love and tragedy, through secrets and betrayal, through literature and the power of words.

As a starting point: in 2020, Caitlin is recently widowed, having lost her husband and children in a train accident two years before. She is an author and screenwriter who has been asked to write a film treatment about Giacomo Joyce. In her treatment, she chooses a ‘sideways angle on James Joyce’s life’, focusing on Ariane, a young woman living in Zurich who, in 1941, was one of six people who volunteered to give blood to save Joyce…



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