A nursery of words from our rural environment

Original Title: Almáciga. Un vivero de palabras de nuestro medio rural

Publication: 2020

Author: Private: María Sánchez

The countryside and our rural environments have a unique way of speaking that unites territory, people and animals. Many of their words are left out in the open for too long. If we do not take care of them, they will die with our elders and our people. That is the reason behind the book you hold in your hands, Almáciga. A substrate where the expressions from our lands lie; a seed to recover their words and their meanings, to hear and speak them again, so that they take root among us and live on; a nursery in which to pamper and shelter them with our bodies and accents. A dialogue-weaving with our rural environment so that they can germinate and exist again.

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SPANISH (World) | geoPlaneta

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