A Death in Shonagachhi

Publication: 2021

Author: Rijula Das

In the red-light district of Shonagachhi, Lalee dreams of trading a life of penury and violence for one of comparative luxury as a better-paid 'escort'. Her long-standing client, Trilokeshwar Shau, is an erotic novelist hopelessly in love with her. When a young girl who lives next door to Lalee gets brutally murdered, a spiral of deceit and violence begins that disturbs the fragile stability of their existence.

Set in the underbelly of Calcutta's most fabled neighbourhood, A Death in Shonagachhi is a powerful debut that begins with a crime that's best not talked about, and holds within it the story of our society's outcastes and rejects. Tilu and Lalee become unforgettable characters and quirky anti-heroes in a luminous and fast-paced debut that manages to shed light into the dark web of prostitution pimps, sex rings and cults. With flair and wit, Rijula Das manages to add humanity to the outcastes of one of the world’s biggest underworlds –the biggest red-light district in Asia.

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