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Ramón Lobo

Born in 1955 in Venezuela, Ramón Lobo has been a war correspondent for Spain’s most prominent daily newspaper El País for years. His first book, The Inexistent Hero (Aguilar, Spain, 1999) recounts his experiences working in and travelling through Irak, Bosnia-Herzegovina, the United Arab Emirates, Chechnya, Haiti, Rwanda, Serbia, Zaire-Congo and Equatorial Guinea.

Ramón Lobo aims to present an objective look at the role of the media in international conflicts. He analyzes his job as a “war watcher” and looks into the feelings of journalists like him who are sent to war as observers who are not supposed implicate themselves in the conflicts unfolding before them. In 2001 he published his first novel, Isla África (Africa Isle, Seix Barral), set in Sierra Leona, which was translated into several languages.