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Lolita Bosch

Lolita Bosch was born in Barcelona in 1970 and has lived in Albons (Baix Empordà), the US, India, one year in Oaxaca (Mexico) and nine years in Mexico City. Since then, she considers Mexico her home. She writes both in Catalan and Spanish, and her work has been translated into English, French, German and Polish, among other languages. She’s been awarded serveral awards for her journalism work and her novels.

In 2010 the film adaptation of her novel Elisa Kiseljak was awarded the Special Prize of the Jury at the 58th San Sebastian Film Festival.

She has organised the literary festivals “Fet a Mèxic” (Made In Mexico, 2007) and “Fet a Amèrica” (Made In America, 2010) and is founding editor of the blog “Nuestra Aparente Rendición” (Our Apparent Surrender) which, since the summer of 2010, has become a major forum for discussion and reflection on violence in Mexico.

She writes adult, children’s and YA novels.