Eka Kurniawan

The internationally acclaimed author of Beauty Is a Wound and Man Tiger, and Man Booker International finalist in 2016, Eka Kurniawan was born in West Java in 1975, the day that the little ex-Portuguese colony East Timor declared its sovereign independence. Kurniawan has been compared to Gabriel Gracía Márquez, Salman Rushdie and Günter Grass, and predicted as Indonesia’s possible first Nobel Prize winner by Le Monde. Beauty Is A Wound, often described as ‘an Indonesian One Hundred Years of Solitude’, has been acquired by 37 international publishers and appeared on many Best Novel Of the Year lists when it was first published in English by New Directions in 2015.

«Kurniawan, born ten years after the massacres, is in many ways a literary child of Günter Grass, Gabriel García Márquez, and Salman Rushdie» . New York Review of Books