‘Amnesia’ by Federico Axat is out now

After the international success of his previous thriller translated into 32 languages and published by 35 publishing houses worldwide, La última salida (Kill The Next One), Federico Axat is back! His new psychological thriller, Amnesia, is out now in Spain, published by Destino, and it’s coming out in Argentina in November 2018, and in Mexico in early 2019.

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‘Rainbirds’ by Clarissa Goenawan is out in English

Set in an imagined town outside Tokyo, Clarissa Goenawan’s dark, spellbinding literary debut Rainbirds follows a young man’s path to self-discovery in the wake of his sister’s murder. Rainbirds was published in March 2018 in English, original language, by Soho Press worldwide except in Singapore, where it was published by Math Paper Press. Translation rights have been sold

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The Pontas Agency stands for freedom and democracy

The Pontas Agency has been working since its very beginnings, more than twenty-five years ago, as a bridge between cultures, between languages, between writers from the five continents and its readers everywhere. Although we’re an international company representing authors living in 26 different countries around the world, our offices are based in Barcelona. For this

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