Truth is a Personal Matter

Truth is a Personal Matter


Truth is a Personal Matter

#1 part of Kouplan Series

Original title: Sanning med modifikation
Author: Sara Lövestam

Kouplan puts up an online ad: “Private detective. Contact me if the police can’t help you.” Pernilla gets in touch to ask him to find her missing daughter, Julia. Kouplan’s search for the missing six-year-old takes us through Stockholm.

But it is a Stockholm that most readers would not know about, a city where people live outside society, without social security numbers, without civil rights, in constant fear of being discovered and deported. People who live this way are easy targets for those who run the criminal world. Kouplan knows that. He is also faced with a mission that seems impossible, not because of the many dangers or the initial lack of clues, but because the girl’s mother carries so many secrets.

When will she start talking? And why is she scared? A complex psychological suspense novel with multi-dimensional characters that reads as if you had a lump of ice in your stomach all the way through.

This is a crime novel like no other you will ever read.

Original language

SWEDISH | Piratförlaget

Translation rights

DANISH | Aronsen Forlaget
DUTCH | Stortebeeker
ENGLISH (World) | St. Martin’s Press
FRENCH | Robert Laffont
GERMAN | Rowohlt
GREEK | Oceanida/Niki Ekdotiki

«It’s great to follow Sara Lövestam as a writer, as she always tries to go a step further. However, there is a clear direction in everything she writes. This novel has a special Lövestam-mark kind of twist at the end, and I can’t wait to meet Kouplan again.» Kerstin Särneö , Tara

«Sara Lövestam has written an innovative, multi-layered mystery novel with a sympathetic and highly unusual protagonist. Her narrative style is appealing and even poetic. Highly recommended!» Fredrik Malmquist

«Truth is a Personal Matter is brilliantly told in a low key voice. Still, I feel like I keep a lump of ice in my stomach all the way to the last page. Sara Lövestam’s crime hero is not traditional in any way, and feels like a breath of fresh air in the Swedish crime genre. Words like “groundbreaking” are no exaggeration. I strongly recommend this book and hope to read many more novels that bring us to Kouplan’s world.» Ulrika Johnsen, QX

«Even though Truth is a Personal Matter is breathtaking and thrilling, it’s too easy to say that it’s a crime novel. Instead, we’d have to describe it as a novel about being exposed and vulnerable. The lonely mother, the exposed child and ─above all─ the illegal immigrant, his hunger and the fear that crushes him every time he sees a policeman or a police car. (…) And now, after reading Lövestam’s novel, my eyes are more open, my awareness has increased. What do I really know about vulnerability? If you don’t choose to read Sara Lövestam’s eye opening Truth is a Personal Matter, you are either lazy or stupid, or possibly illiterate.» Expressen

«Easy and pleasant to read, with short and captivating chapters that almost immediately kicks off the ‘let’s read another page’ symptom. (…) Sara Lövestam follows the Swedish crime novel tradition of adding Swedish politics to the plot: there’s as an underlying theme in the description of Kouplan’s situation as well as the mental illness issue. However, Truth is a Personal Matter is not only about that: it’s biggest achievement relies on its ability to entertain. And it is pretty good entertainment, because Lövestam knows how to balance a great sense of humour with serious issues, and how to thrive and write a page-turning story through unexpected turns of events.» Svenska Dagbladet

«Truth is a personal matter has the same rythm as Sara Lövestam’s previous novels, and it also tells the story of odd and frail characters with a common search and collaboration. But in this novel the tone has darkened and the story is going deeper and more complex than in previous novels. Truth is a personal matter is great! The best! I know of no other writer than Sara Lövestam who can fill their stories with empathy, dignity and respect for those who are vulnerable and left aside, as well as keeping, constantly, the reader’s attention. And note the last sentence on the back cover, which promises more books about Kouplans survival. But start by reading this. You just have to!» Jacob Karlander, Bokcirkeln 

«Truth is a personal matter means that there is no truth. (…) It is also a qualified truth. Oops, the great Sara Lövestam has made this concept completely hers –and in so many ways– in this novel. Great novel!» Bokgalleriet

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