The Horoscope Man

The Horoscope Man


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The Horoscope Man

Original title: Horóscopo
Author: Paola Guevara

This is the story of Leonardo Ossimo, a cultural journalist that makes a terrible mistake in the newspaper where he works at and who is degraded, as a permanent punishment, to the horoscope section.

His new task, a highly humiliating one for his ego, is to proof-read the daily horoscope that is sent to the newspaper for over 50 years by an external collaborator with whom no one has ever met, seen or talked to, but that the newspaper is forced to maintain due to popular demand (and to keep the business afloat). Leonardo, whose father has just passed away, lives with his mother. His self-esteem is not very high, he is not especially handsome, nor rich, nor socially well-positioned. However, none of this gets in the way of him falling in love with Ariana, the new star reporter of the newspaper. Leonardo’s chances of seducing her are very small until he discovers something that will turn the situation upside down: Ariana, who is deeply immersed in a family conflict and is recovering from a broken heart, reads her horoscope avidly every morning and professes an irrational faith in everything that it announces or predicts.

This is a story of love at first sight and, at the same time, a homage to printed newspapers that are fighting to survive the end of an era and the start of another one. Most of all, it is a novel about the triumph of the small gestures, about how language can influence people’s destinies and, why not, a celebration of the horoscope as a literary genre.

Original language

SPANISH | Planeta

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