My Father and Other Accidents

My Father and Other Accidents


My Father and Other Accidents

Original title: Mi padre y otros accidentes
Author: Paola Guevara

«His name is Fernando Perdomo. He lives in Cali and wants to meet you. I’ve just given him your number; he’ll call you.»

Paola Guevara receives this text message from her mom after being lead to believe that no one knew who her father was for more than 30 years. She had given up looking for him for a very long time and, on the day of the message, her life changes completely.

Told in first person, the novel tells the story of Paola’s decision: to meet up with the man who says he is her father, Fernando Perdomo, and have coffee with him once a week, every single week, for a whole year. During these meetings, Paola and Fernando tell each other about their lives and develop a big friendship. Fernando is a Colombian aviation hero and Paola an promising young journalist. They plan to have a DNA test, but as their friendship grows, so does their fear that the test will be negative. What if they are not father and daughter, after all?

With a raw and honest prose, this is a very touching and personal novel about second opportunities and the ultimate sense of family.

An emotional debut from one of the most interesting new female voices from Colombia.

Original language

SPANISH | Planeta

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