Feminism For The Clumsy

Feminism For The Clumsy

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Feminism For The Clumsy

Original Title: Feminismo para torpes
Author: Nerea Pérez de las Heras

Being a conscious feminist is not like looking at the world through a purple filter. It’s taking off your dirty, scratched and ill-fitted glasses, which are old fashioned and horrendous, and which someone put on you when you were young, and looking at things for what they really are. I took mine off when I was working for a fashion magazine and shortly after I began my first steps as a feminist comedian. This is a story that takes you through meetings of activists who are demonstrating, high powered women who meet and drink pink sparkling water, the 8th of March movement, resistance to change, haters, discovery of everything that may appear to be feminist but is not. Feminism For The Clumsy is built on the author’s own experiences and those of her generation, and it works like a ‘mental toolbox’ to insist on the idea that ‘without feminism there is no democracy, no justice, no evolution, possible’.

  • Journalist Nerea Pérez de las Heras looks at the fight for equality in the 21th century from a humorous perspective
  • Ideas to become an accessible, instructive and zero radical feminist
  • Feminism For The Clumsy was born as a theatre workshop to reeducate the ‘macho mentality man’ and is now a successful video series in Spain’s largest newspaper, El País
  • For fans of Bridget Christie and Caitlin Moran

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