Sensuous Knowledge: A Radical Black Feminist Approach For Everyone

Sensuous Knowledge: A Radical Black Feminist Approach For Everyone


Sensuous Knowledge: A Radical Black Feminist Approach For Everyone

Author: Minna Salami

An original and provoking exploration of the critical ideas that shape the world with an Africa-centred feminist sensibility that will challenge false illusions about gender, race, beauty, power and knowledge.

As a child in Nigeria, I was taught that a Scottish explorer called Mungo Park discovered the River Niger. I was taught that the elderly are always right even when they were clearly clueless. I was taught that girls should be nice even when boys were mean. Later when I schooled in Sweden, I was taught with varying degrees of subtlety, that Africa was inferior to Europe and that the most intelligent people were white. I was taught that my skin colour was unattractive yet more covetable than those whose skin colour is darker than mine. Everywhere I have lived, I was taught that women should not express their sexuality, voice their opinions, or be too powerful, and that men are innately more intelligent, more assertive, more independent, etc. Of the time I have lived on this planet, I was taught by patriarchy and imperialism to subdue, hate, compare, judge, undervalue, condemn, and ultimately destroy myself. But I resisted, and the more I did, the more I realised that to change society, one must first change oneself. But to change myself, I did not merely need new knowledge; I needed a new understanding of knowledge.

Sensuous Knowledge is Minna Salami’s attempt to provide a fresh narrative of challenging the status quo that is at one empowering, transcendental and practical. Through exploring crucial topics with a storyteller’s playfulness and a social critic’s seriousness, she shares not only her own awakening to awareness but also, by drawing on a range of traditions, ideologies and streams of thought including bold personal narrative, feminist theory, popular culture, science, philosophy and African myth, she provides an original intervention; a radical, mystical, cosmopolitan, scientific, philosophical, Africa-centred and feminist vision of hope for a world in crisis.

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ENGLISH (North America) | Harper Collins
ENGLISH (World excl. NA) | Zed Books

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FINNISH | Schildts & Söderstrom

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