House of Beauty

House of Beauty


House of Beauty

Original title: La Casa de la Belleza
Author: Melba Escobar

Karen is a beautician that moves to Bogotá to earn more money and have a better life, where she finds a waxing job at The Beauty House —but what she doesn’t know is that she will become the key instigator to solve the murder of one of her clients.

Between confessions and intimacies, Karen will end up becoming the confidant of a psychoanalyst, of the wife of a congressman, of a famous TV presenter and of a devastated mom looking for justice in a country where truth only belongs to those who can pay for it.

Melba Escobar explores this complex women’s world to write a thriller with great literary ambition in creating each character. The Beauty House is a highly gripping and original thriller.

«Melba Escobar has written a novel that creates a new genre: a thriller in a beauty salon.»

Original language

SPANISH (Latin America) | Planeta
SPANISH (Spain) | Seix Barral
SPANISH (Audio) | Storytel

Translation rights

ARABIC | Dar Altanweer
CZECH | Host
DUTCH | Atlas Contact
ENGLISH (World) | 4th Estate / HarperCollins
ESTONIAN | Tänapäev
FINNISH | Aula & Co
FRENCH | Denoël
GERMAN | Diana Verlag / Heyne
ITALIAN | Marsilio
MACEDONIAN | Matika Makedonska
PORTUGUESE (Brazil) | Globo Editora
PORTUGUESE (Portugal) | Penguin Random House
SERBIAN | Vulkan
TURKISH | Domingo

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