Stars in His Eyes

Stars in His Eyes


Stars in His Eyes

Original Title: La força d’un destí
Author: Martí Gironell

Ceferino Carrión is twenty-one when he flees a dictatorial and suffocating Spain. After several failed attempts, he finally jumps aboard a boat at Le Havre harbor in France and lands in New York – where he quickly realizes that he must change his identity and make his own way in the land of opportunity.

Carrión vanishes, and in his place American citizen named Jean Leon appears.

Times are changing, and he´s drafted into the army for the Korean War effort. But this bird can´t be caged, and Jean Leon disappears once more – soon turning up in Hollywood. There, thanks to several strokes of luck, his life is transformed into one of reflected glamour and glory, as he becomes a trusted confidant of many stars. Together with James Dean, he envisions a restaurant and, despite Dean´s death, he opens La Scala, which becomes one of the most famous celebrity haunts of 1950s and 60s Hollywood, frequented by Paul Newman, Warren Beatty, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and even the Kennedys. Seeking to provide a truly exclusive touch – as befits the status of his regular customers – Jean Leon returns to his homeland of Catalonia, purchases land in the Penedes region and start making his own wine.

Emblematic of a time and place where everything was possible, Jean Leon proves – with a life worth of cinema – that with wit, hard work and sacrifice, you can make even the most extraordinary dreams come true.

Original language

CATALAN | Columna

Translation rights

DUTCH | Uitgeverij Oevers
ENGLISH (World) | Amazon Crossing
FRENCH | Belfond
SPANISH | Planeta

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