Angel Return

Angel Return



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Angel Return

Author: Marialena Carr

As part of a communist escape network in WWII, seventeen-year old aerialist Mimi accompanies refugees through fascist Spain to hide in her family’s circus. But when she brings a traitor into their world, her mother is killed and her family torn apart. Guilt-ridden, she flees­ to America and starts a new life – only to find that the past is not dead. The same traitor reappears, threatening the lives of her husband and young children, so she must return to Spain and its Cold War political intrigues to stop him.

An angel return is a move on the flying trapeze. Mimi’s life is on the wire not only during her circus performances, but also with her work for the network, and her strong will to keep her family safe from her haunting past.

Angel Return is a novel about love, families and why we leave them, and about what we are willing to do to set things right. It is a novel about spies and cold wars not only among countries, but among people and family ties.

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