Please Read This Leaflet Carefully

Please Read This Leaflet Carefully


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Please Read This Leaflet Carefully

Author: Karen Havelin

Please Read This Leaflet Carefully is the portrait of a woman suffering from endometriosis. It is also a beguiling meditation on pain, relationships, motherhood, menopause, sexuality, chronic illness and a woman’s life journey to come to terms with her own body.

Written in first person and following a reverse chronology which subverts the typical illness story, Please Read This Leaflet Carefully follows Laura Fjellstad in her struggles to live a normal life. In between doctors’ appointments and in and out of hospitals, Laura confronts single parenting after her divorce, leading a life her own teenage self would be in awe of. After many years of enduring pain and the persistent feeling of never being understood, Laura navigates her own sexuality and her unrecognised chronic illness the best she can. Figure skating has been her salvation—together with her writing and the dream of escaping Norway and moving to NYC.

To be devoured in one sitting, Please Read This Leaflet Carefully is an exceptional debut novel with bracing emotional insights and piercing descriptions of pain that linger in one’s mind long after the last page.

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