The Samurai’s Daughter

The Samurai’s Daughter


The Samurai’s Daughter

Author: John J. Healey

The Samurai’s Daughter is the riveting account of a girl’s extraordinary journey into womanhood during the first quarter of the 17th Century. Soledad-Masako faces great challenges in life: she is motherless, half Spanish and half Japanese. She is the product of a forbidden love affair between a wealthy Andalusian aristocrat and a Samurai warrior. Her mother has died in childbirth, and her Spanish family wants to keep her, but her father Shiro is determined to take her to his home in Sendai. The long voyage, perilous under any circumstances, goes awry almost immediately. The father-daughter pair survives pirates, kidnapping, a shipwreck off the coast of Greece and a violent mutiny off the coast of India. It takes them four years to reach his homeland. There, Soledad-Masako spends her childhood and adolescence in the upper echelons of Edo era Japan, and trains as a female warrior. When a powerful Japanese nobleman known to be a brute decides to take her as his bride, Shiro knows he must rescue his daughter. The pair flee from Japan and begin a grueling and adventure-filled return to Spain by way of the North American continent. Finally back in Seville, Soledad-Masako must fight to claim her rightful inheritance. Her independent spirit and her love for her father fill this novel with emotion as the plot twists lead to an unexpected ending.

Original language

ENGLISH (North America) | Arcade / Skyhorse

Translation rights

GERMAN | Heyne / Random House

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