The Nine-Chambered Heart

The Nine-Chambered Heart


The Nine-Chambered Heart

Author: Janice Pariat

Profound, illuminating and deeply moving, this is the kaleidoscopic story of one woman, told by those whom she has loved or been loved by.

Nine characters recall their relationship with this same woman, their stories and memories breathing life into her, drawing us close, but stopping short of true intimacy as her own voice remains unspoken. Piecing together these slivers, it becomes hard to decide which version of her is real.

Set in familiar, nameless cities, moving between East and West, The Nine-Chambered Heart is a delicate, poignant and exquisitely written novel. A compendium of shifting perspectives that reveals how it is possible to exist intimately with another – yet, perhaps, not know them at all.

Original language

ENGLISH (World exc. India) | Borough Press / HarperCollins
ENGLISH (Indian subcontinent) | 4th Estate / HarperCollins

Translation rights

FRENCH | NiL / Robert Laffont
GERMAN | Secession Verlag
ITALIAN | Bompiani
NORWEGIAN | Gyldendal
ROMANIAN | Polirom
SPANISH (World) | Siruela

“Whatever Janice Pariat is doing in these vignettes – unravelling layers, offering shards, making and unmaking a heart – she forces you to alter your vision. By turning the intimate eye of love inside out, she’s saying, here is the real wonder: a whole is made of many broken parts. It is a startling way to look at ourselves, to reach for the stories of our own hearts.” Tishani Doshi

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