What She Never Told Me

What She Never Told Me


What She Never Told Me

Original Title: Ce qu’elle ne m’a pas dit
Author: Isabelle Bary

Marie is 47. Together with her husband Alex, and their 16-year-old daughter, Nola, they could be described as a contemporary bourgeois European family. They have fulfilling jobs, an active social life, a long-haired dog, sushi on Saturdays and an impertinent teenager who secretly smokes weed and spends too much time on the Internet. But that was before Marie discovered a well-kept family secret from the past involving violent and surprising events.

The plot unfolds alternating four different points of view, spiraling deeper and deeper into a gripping mystery case of a strange car accident that took place in the 70’s and which involved a young couple of husband-and-wife activists trying to defend the rights of Native Indian tribes in Quebec. Marie, with the help of her daughter and the diaries of her own grandmother, pieces the puzzle together.

At times cruel, at times funny and desperate, the revelation of this secret will gradually bring together Marie and her daughter. Isabelle Bary has constructed a novel where imagination, memory, love humor and joy of life come together.

Original language

FRENCH | Éditions Luce Wilquin

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