Four Men And A Pink Car

Four Men And A Pink Car


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Four Men And A Car

Original Title: L’homme à la voiture rose
Author: Isabelle Bary

Where do four straight men find a safe space to share their feelings, open up and cry, without feeling ashamed or loosing their maleness? Welcome to the pink car!


Serge, Benoît, Christophe and Léo are the kind of men that like to say that ‘everything is going fine’, although they are all very different from each other. When one of them is dumped by his wife, he invites the other three -his best friends- to join him for a road trip together: just the guys. In a tiny pink convertible car. A break to have fun, no strings attached: no wives, no ex-wives, no kids, no work. No fuss!

Chatting and joking around in the car is great fun – until silence starts to take over. As the four of them become more aware of themselves, so do their efforts to always appear more sure of themselves, more brave, more confident, more male. Suddenly, that pink convertible becomes the safe space where they can open up to each other and share their real, inner, feelings.

Four Men And A Pink Car is an uplifting story about male friendship, as well as a story about love. The quest of four men to find out who they really are, by retracing their roots and finding themselves – while at the same time leaving behind all ticks acquired through adulthood, going back to their true selves, without shame, but with a smile on their face.

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