A Spy in Time

A Spy in Time


A Spy in Time

Author: Imraan Coovadia

In Enver Eleven’s city, fair-skinned people are a rarity and have been for centuries. They work as acrobats and jugglers or apply skin-darkening creams to conceal their condition. Johannesburg is the city that survived the end of the world thanks to the shelter provided by the thousands of miles of mining tunnels running beneath it. It’s Enver’s job at the Agency to make sure that the end of the world doesn’t come again. He and his mentor, Shanumi Six, specialize in the hot spots of the twentieth century—Marrakech, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo—where they travel in search of an elusive enemy, guided by the collective intelligence of the Agency’s thinking machines which limit time travel to the bare minimum.

When Shanumi vanishes on an assignment Enver finds himself in the middle of a catastrophe which will require him to put his assumptions to the test in an atmosphere of conspiracy and intrigue that harkens back (and forward) to John le Carré and Ray Bradbury.

Equal parts entertaining and thought-provoking, A Spy in Time is the African time travel novel everyone was waiting for.

Original language

ENGLISH (NA) | California Coldblood Books
ENGLISH (Indian subcontinent) | Speaking Tiger
ENGLISH (Audio) | Brilliance

«Riveting and inventive, Coovadia delivers the goods in a rollicking tale across time and perception.» Gary Phillips, editor of The Obama Inheritance

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