Original title: Madrugada
Author: Gustavo Rodríguez

Dawn by Gustavo Rodríguez is a novel about a young woman’s fight to survive in a country full of sexism, racism and violence.

Even though Trinidad Ríos has never met his father, now, at 30 years old, she must find him. Of course she fears rejection, and fear is an emotion she knows rather well: all her life, since that dawn that made her orphan in the Mother of God jungle (South Peru) and made her escape to Lima being only a small child, she’s had to fight against women traffickers, illegal miners, and an extremely sexist and racist society.

You could say she’s managed to survive quite well, until now. A severe illness due to her exposure to mercury as a child obliges her to go find the only person in the world who might be able to save her, a transplant. Will her father –a bipolar singer who makes ends meet by impersonating the Bee Gees– accept her? He doesn’t even know she exists. And, in the improbable case he accepts, will he be willing to sacrifice his dream to save his daughter’s life?

Gustavo Rodríguez has written a powerful novel dealing with a universal issue that will resonate with readers anywhere: a young women’s fight to survive in a society where being a dark-skinned women is a sin. Following the traditional Latin-American family novel, with a very strong female leading character, full humour and references to the music of the 70s, Dawn is a highly entertaining novel set in the Peru of the 21st Century.

Original language

SPANISH | Alfaguara

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