The Counterfeit Dealer

The Counterfeit Dealer

The Counterfeit Dealer

Original title: El Conseguidor
Author: Guillermo Valcárcel

In certain collector’s circles inhabit certain individuals well-known for their capacity of finding any possible object without taking legality into regard. They are called the ‘finders’. Jota is one of them. Two decades ago he was a brilliant art forger, but an obscure event cut short his career. He is now forty years old and survives delivering pieces to small dealers in the Madrid market.

Thanks to his old prestige he gets an important assignment: to find a watch that was sold years ago, property of a declining rich family. This search will lead him to an old business partner and to Laura, his daughter, a young woman very interested in a past he is willing to forget. The mysterious watch seems to be surrounded by a deathly halo: Laura’s father is murdered and she throws herself into the obsessive investigation of the crime, returning to life ghosts that Jota thought were already forgotten.

Laura will get into the dark territory of the art dealers and the buying of stolen objects, and Jota will see himself involved in the illegal money laundering network in which Laura’s father used to participate. He understands now that the hidden truth beyond the old watch can be more dangerous than he ever imagined, and that their lives have a prize now, and that just one of them may be able to pay it.

Original language

SPANISH | Suma de Letras / Penguin Random House

Translation rights

ENGLISH (World) | Amazon Crossing

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