Shadows that Cross America

Shadows that Cross America

Shadows that Cross America

Original title: Sombras que cruzan América
Author: Guillermo Valcárcel

Ethan works comfortably as a bailsman in Florida, when one day he receives a disturbing call. The daughter of his ex-lover has been kidnapped in Central America by a ‘mara’, the criminal gangs that raze along those countries. Even though everything points out towards the girl being dead, Ethan decides to go find her against everyone’s will –especially his girlfriend, who is not only afraid and but quite jealous.

Ethan lands into a first encounter with his ex, which leaves him quite uneasy emotionally, and starts a difficult endeavor which will take him into a world full of violence, police corruption and human trafficking.

He will soon realize all the lies within his new mission, in which he is just a castaway trapped in a storm and in which he can only count on one friend, a local, who is as astonished as everyone else for him to have taken on such a dangerous mission. What has gone into his mind to accept such a difficult journey, a journey that can cost his own life, just to find someone who most probably is already dead?

But Ethan bears a secret, something he only knows and that scares him as much. The night before the call he dreamt about a little girl. He thought it was just a nightmare. The girl, lost and alone, had already told him what he was about to hear the next day in that phone call, and begged him: «I am not dead. Help me.»

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SPANISH | HarperCollins Ibérica

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ENGLISH (World) | Amazon Crossing

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