Original title: Voy
Author: Gabi Martínez

A travel writer from New Zealand has disappeared after looking for traces of the moa, an animal that has been extinct for centuries. To better understand the life of the disappeared species and the reason why he undertook this utopian expedition, a young journalist decides to interview different people who once traveled with him.

The writer´s ex-wife discusses their trips through Italy together. The translator who helped him move to China refutes much of what his client wrote, and says he regrets having met him. A Portuguese friend recalls how frightened the writer was of motorcycles and of the days they shared together when she worked as a stripper. The young journalist interviews many people, including a filmmaker who crossed the Nile with him, his guide in Australia, his current partner…

Original language

SPANISH | Alfaguara

“Pure literature.” Adolfo García Ortega, writer, critic and translator, Club Cultura FNAC

 “Truth at the highest exposure.” Daniel Arjona, El Mundo

 “Impecable and relentless.” Tino Pertierra, La Nueva España

 “Unmissable.” Jorge de Cominges, writer

“Gabi Martínez is a travel writer that hides a little Homer inside of him, one that is much more revolutionary than in other writers. He has found a way to renovate travel literature through unusual angles, alowing himself to be carried away by braveness and lucidity, the same that he shares with this predecessor Bruce Chatwin. Both are breaking the molds and recreating new ways.” Adolfo García Ortega, writer, critic and translator, Club Cultura FNAC

“It widens the field of Summertime by Coetzee (…). Hats off : one must posess braveness and freedom to write a book like this one. It is invigorating.” Mercè Ibarz, writer

“A total literary nude that raises the auto-fiction proposal in Coetzee’s Summertime.” Daniel Arjona, El Mundo

“Gabi Martínez is, again, spot on.” Tino Pertierra, La Nueva España

“Thrilling account.” Club TR3SC

“A little masterpiece.” La petita llibreria

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