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Original title: Amnesia
Author: Federico Axat

«I’ve been tricked. My name is John Brennen, I am 27 and already a recovered alcoholic.

On Saturday 15th of May I woke up on my sofa with no memories of the last few hours. There was an empty Vodka bottle on the table and the gun that I normally keep hidden. The dead body of a beautiful young woman was lying on the floor.

Who would do something like this to a poor children’s books illustrator? I have no enemies. I am a simple divorcee, father of a 4-year-old girl. However, I cannot prove my innocence. I can’t remember a thing.

I buried the body in the middle of the woods, believing there was no other way out, as no one would ever believe me, and I would lose the life I was just putting back into pieces. A mistake, that was a mistake that hasn’t stopped torturing me since.

Tonight I’ll take the body out. I will seek the truth.»

Original language

SPANISH | Destino/Planeta

Translation rights

ITALIAN | Longanesi

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