Hotel on Shadow Lake

Hotel on Shadow Lake


Hotel on Shadow Lake

Author: Daniela Tully

Family secrets never stay buried forever.

Maya Wiesberg thought she had accepted the disappearance of her grandmother—the woman who raised her in Germany, her best friend, and a storyteller of spellbinding, mystical fairy tales.

But when her grandmother’s body is found decades later, pristinely preserved in the mountains of upstate New York, Maya begins to question everything. Who was this woman? What made her leave Germany? What were her ties to the captivating yet chilling Montgomery Hotel near the site of her death?

As Maya seeks answers, she finds herself sidetracked by her own assumed identity—and how much it enchants the charming heir of the Montgomery dynasty. She soon discovers that the best way to the truth about her grandmother might be surrendering herself to the majestic Montgomery Hotel, the strange family that owns it, and spirits that live on in deep surrounding wilderness…

Daniela Tully’s sweeping, atmospheric debut will take you on a journey from 1930s Germany to the haunting forests of American today. Revealing family secrets that span decades and cross oceans, Hotel on Shadow Lake is a stirring, satisfying read.

Original language

ENGLISH (NA)| Thomas Dunne Books
ENGLISH (UK & Comm.) | Legend Press

Translation rights

DANISH | Gads Forlag
FRENCH | Fayard
ITALIAN | Garzanti
SERBIAN | Vulkan

«Daniela Tully has written a captivating romantic thriller that spans decades, continents, generations and a world war. It’s a story of love, tragedy and intrigue that vividly illustrates the unyielding grip that the past holds in shaping the future…and the enduring power of love.»

Lee Goldberg, #1 New York Times bestselling author and the writer/producer of Diagnosis MurderMartial Law and Missing


«An engaging and beautifully told story of love and the strength of family ties which will captivate and entrance all readers.»

Claire Allan

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