Arsenic Is A Love Word

Arsenic Is A Love Word


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Arsenic Is A Love Word

Original title: Arsenic est un mot d’amour
Author: Christophe Carlier

A group of people –all quite different to each other– are gathered in a nice little hotel on a Greek island. What could seem like the perfect setting for an Agatha Christie novel, becomes a landscape of love, nostalgia and disputes.

Strange and paradoxical love stories start happening on this isolated island: a woman is fascinated by a young girl, a maid has phostumous feelings for a rejected suitor, the unconsolable love that an apprentice magician feels towards his benefactor…

Arsenic Is A Love Word is a tribute to mismatched couples, the charm and mystery of their love stories, as well as a tribute to the enigmatic, slightly incomprehensible way of loving each other which belongs to them only.

Original language

FRENCH | Éditions Phébus

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