Love Me Tender

Love Me Tender



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Love Me Tender

Author: Carmen Bugan

When Cecilia’s son finds out what his mother’s day job was during the dark history of their country, he asks for an explanation. When he finds out what had happened to him as a new born child, in the name of patriotic duty, or an act of survival, he turns his back on her.

Alone and isolated, often confused over her real name, Cecilia spends the final year of her life writing a series of letters to her son trying to justify her choices and seek forgiveness.  She relives the most painful moments of her time as a new mother, when she was compelled by the secret police to put her own child in danger, in order to contribute to the arrest of another young mother who was suspected of political dissent.  It is a desperate effort to regain her son’s love, and a painful exercise in explaining the mechanisms of oppression to a generation who tries to put away a terrible history.

Inspired from the real life story of the woman who spied on the author’s mother during communist dictatorship in Romania, Love Me Tender goes into the heart of ordinary people who cooperated with the totalitarian regimes.

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